Version 0.12.0

  • Newbit scenario extended
  • Added new "Go to objective" action in slotbar
  • Added new UI icon to show objective action when there is an active objective
  • Added boobs physics!
  • Added quick text skip during event with CTRL key
  • Changed global water effect in city mode to something closer to some kind of pink fog
  • Added new infrastructure: RestaurantA
  • Added new location: RestaurantA Main Room
  • Added new furniture: ChairD, PlantA, PlantB, PlantC, PlantD, PlantE, TableD, TableE, SignA, PaintingA, StatueA, CeilingLightB, LampA
  • Fixed livingroom windows model not letting light pass through
  • Fixed issue with pubic hair and face details layers darkening the skin
  • Fixed issue with loading screen disappearing before all textures were properly loaded when visiting a location
  • Fixed issue with city lights not updating properly at night

Version 0.11.0

  • Added skill experience gain with work action for player based on skills, spells and mentor
  • Added daily skill experience gain for NPCs based on skill and mentor
  • Added skill level up system
  • Added new panel to edit slot bar actions
  • Added new hire, fire and promote buttons in business panel
  • Free Mode doesn't require citizens to have jobs to be able to start playing anymore

Version 0.10.0

  • Added money feature
  • Added infrastructure and business ownership feature
  • Added money, income, income tooltip, expense, expense tooltip, owned infrastructure and owned business information in citizen panel
  • Added monthly event to earn money from income and lose money from expense
  • Updated citizen randomizer in Free mode to work by batch rather than overwriting every citizens when randomizing
  • Added new options to citizens randomizer in Free mode
  • Added new buttons in the citizen panel in Free mode to select owned infrastructure and businesses
  • Fixed issue with age calculation in Free Mode
  • Fixed issue with incorrect date display in specific cases
  • Fixed issue with hair not clearing in editors

Version 0.9.0

  • Optimized more hair mesh to reduce vertex count
  • Added new tag feature to more easily manage several aspects of the game
  • Added occlusion maps for character skins, outfits, male hair, locations and furniture
  • Added specular maps for male hair
  • Added button in location menu to toggle auto hide furniture feature
  • Added new animations for studying, sitting and teaching
  • Added new menu to focus camera on characters in locations
  • Camera movement, rotation and scroll speeds are not reduced the more zoomed in the camera is
  • Added WASD camera movement (ZQSD for French keyboards) when camera mode is on
  • Pee particles now properly toggle on and off when engaging and disengaging from sex
  • Fixed issue with lighting in locations (Thanks HardRock!)
  • Fixed lighting button issue in location menu not being initialized correctly.
  • Fixed blank screen when going back from Spells interface when choosing Free mode (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
  • Fixed tutorial events not launching in Scenario mode (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
  • Fixed pee effect issues (Thanks Spectre!)

Version 0.8.0

  • Added Free mode
  • Added loading screen when changing locations and spawning cities
  • Added building highlight when hovering to see what's clickable
  • Channel packed irises textures
  • Optimized hair mesh to reduce vertex count
  • Added SSGI, SSAO and SSR
  • Hair materials are now opaque to avoid issue with SSGI
  • Updated hair shader to use Occlusions and Specular maps as well as dithering
  • Added water layer on city map
  • Added button to toggle lights on and off in locations
  • Simplified day time system for easier control
  • Enabled volumetric lighting
  • Thickened wall of all locations to fix light bleeding issue

Version 0.7.0

  • Channel packed hair, skins and eyebrows textures to reduce GPU and memory consumption
  • Max texture size is now 2K, down from 4K
  • Updated furniture, locations, buildings, outfits, hair and skin shaders to work with channel packed textures
  • Added outfit menu in Appearance and Biography editors
  • Added 5 new female tops, 3 being exclusive patron content
  • Added 4 new female bottom, 2 being exclusive patron content
  • Added 2 new female panties, 1 being exclusive patron content
  • Added 1 new female boots exclusive content
  • Added 1 new male shirt
  • Added 1 new male pant
  • Added 1 new male shoes
  • Added 6 new female hair styles, 3 being exclusive content
  • Added 6 new male hair styles, 3 being exclusive content
  • Added new game menu to unlock exclusive content through unique codes

Version 0.6.0

  • Added 3 new spells: Slave mode, X-Ray and Invisibility
  • Added 2 new female clothes (used for secretary outfit): Blouse A and Skirt B
  • Added 3 new male clothes (used for dean outfit): Shirt B, Pants C and Shoes C
  • Added 2 new sex positions: Missionary and Standing cunnilingus
  • Updated hair shader
  • Fixed card rotating bug in character editors
  • Fixed card background ratio bug in character editors
  • Fixed problem with aspect ratio on wide screens
  • Fixed bug with beard not syncing while talking
  • Fixed bug with character's skin shader incorrectly darkening the skin

Version 0.5.0

  • Added new attribute and skill icons
  • Added new businesses and business menu
  • Increased font size in various interfaces
  • Added sun shafts and moon shafts
  • Fixed light bleeding issue in small bedroom. All models will be updated later to fix light bleeding issues in the game.
  • Added new memory caching game option
  • Optimized texture memory usage
  • Fixed issue with XML loading on setups using different number formats (Thanks Padd2212!)

Version 0.4.1

  • Fixed some UI scaling issue on resolutions different from 2560x1440 (Thanks Spectre!)

Version 0.4.0

  • First playable scenario added with really short introduction
  • New game entities available for modding: Actions, Businesses, Events, Furniture, Infrastructures, Jobs, Locations, Maps, Scenarios, Schedules and Spells.

Version 0.3.0

  • Male and Female Body Editor initial release
  • Added text input near sliders
  • Added Skill and Attribute entities
  • Fixed bug with language flags display when more than 2
  • Fixed bug with switching language (Thanks Darkbatex!)

Version 0.2.0

  • Male Body Editor initial release
  • Enabled heterochromia for eyes
  • Added 9 new male hairstyles
  • Added 6 new male skin textures
  • Added 5 new male schlera textures
  • Added 7 new male eyebrows textures
  • Added 5 new male eyelashes textures
  • Added 1 new male eyes reflection textures
  • Added 6 new male iris textures
  • Added 1 new male beard
  • Added/Disabled some female morphs
  • Added blinking and head movement
  • Added head tracking options in Configuration tab
  • Added blinking toggle in Configuration tab
  • Added face, arms, body, legs, fingernails and toenails details (Moles, scars, tattoos, nail polish...)
  • Initial mod support for each body details
  • Added loading page and icons
  • Added Text to Lip Sync feature (Alpha build)
  • Added Quit button
  • Fixed SFX bug when hovering and exiting category and sub category buttons

Version 0.1.0

  • Female Body Editor initial release
  • Added 9 new female hairstyles
  • Added 6 new female skin textures
  • Added 2 new female pubic hair textures
  • Added 23 new female schlera textures
  • Added 7 new female eyebrows textures
  • Added 17 new female eyelashes textures
  • Added 5 new female eyes reflection textures
  • Added 30 new female iris textures
  • Enabled online translation sharing
  • Enabled online Female Body Cards sharing